The Venue and Location

With the exception of the Gala Dinner, all conference sessions will take place in the Business School building (see below).  Situated on our beautiful, wooded Kingston Hill campus, our new £26million Business School building opened in April 2012. Celebrated for the ethos of sustainability that underpins its innovative design and construction, the building makes a strong architectural statement and provides some of the best facilities for business teaching in the country.

Kingston’s location
ICCMI2015 delegates will enjoy the superb location of the conference, being closely situated to both the historic town of Kingston upon Thames and the centre of London with its many attractions, which is only 25 minutes away by train.

One of only three Royal Boroughs in the UK, Kingston upon Thames has a rich Anglo-Saxon history going back to the 5th century. It is located just across the River Thames from Hampton Court Palace, home to Henry VIII, one of the most famous British monarchs.

You can find out more about what Kingston upon Thames has to offer via the official visitor guide website Kingston First, and for information about the attractions of London visit the official visitor guide website.

Denbies Wine Estate is the prestigious venue for our Gala Dinner.

Steeped in history and located in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Surrey countryside,  Denbies is the perfect location for a summer night out. Delegates will be taken on a tour of the cellars to sample the award-winning wines and can relax in the pretty garden courtyard before enjoying a delicious three-course dinner.  Denbies’ chefs pride themselves on using sustainable, locally-sourced produce from the south-east region.  The evening will be rounded off by some sparkling entertainment.

For travel information and location maps for the campus – find us here.

Visit the Accommodation page for your options.

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Marketing Platforms Diversify in Africa

Marketing via online content, be it social media for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or traditional methods like Banner Ads or Google Adwords has become the primary channel for promoting any business or product. It doesn’t matter whether you are based in the USA, UK, China, Australia or South Africa, the fact remains that it is essential to maintain and promote your online presence using every available Social Media marketing tool.It is always exciting when you and your family decide to go out for a meal. Everyone is on their phone or laptop trying to find the ideal and affordable restaurant. But there comes a time after you have tried all the same places that you want to try something different and unique.

So if you are visiting or living in Cape Town? That’s perfect, as we have just the thing you are looking for. Just use your favourite search engine and you will see the multitude of options available to you.

Galbi Restaurant, Cape Town

The idea of eating out is that you do not have to cook, and of course no dishes to wash. At Galbi’s you are encouraged to cook your own meal. The experience is referred to as “The Korean-fusion Barbeque”. At each table there are small grills that are built into the table, with copper chimneys and there you will be able to cook your own meal. Included in your meal are various side dishes that follow the Korean tradition. Your meal does not only have to include the more common meat, but can also include venison or warthog. The main meal is first flavoured in the kitchen and then delivered to your table for you to cook. If you desire desert after your meal you are welcome to roast marshmallows. We had a wonderful conversation with the Kenyan couple adjacent to us about things to do in Nairobi, as we are planning a vacation to Africa in the coming fall.

Mzoli’s, Guguleto

Mzoli’s is a great tourist attraction and unique eating out experience. They serve a dish you can enjoy called “Shisa Nyama”. On arrival you purchase your meat at the adjoining butchery and then let the chef braai it using their amazing marinade. When your meat is ready it is not served on a plate but is delivered in an enamel bowl. You can also enjoy the legendary “Pap” with your meal. When you are properly settled in then the music begins and you find yourself in an incredible party environment. Mzoli’s is already making use of social media marketing with active Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Not only can you find great food but there is also great accommodation. Liziwe’s Guest House in Guguleto offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere for guests. You can experience Township life.

Contact: 021 633 7406


The Larder Café, Cape Town

The Larder Café, as it is known makes mouth-watering meals and all the ingredients used come from local producers. Three times a week, on Monday, Thursday and Friday nights the chef cooks a meal and invites anyone to join her. She calls this a “Supper Club” and it really has the feeling of a huge dinner party. Every day there is a special meal on the menu which includes a starter and dessert. The owners are a delightful couple who have dedicated a great deal of their lives to supporting organizations that fund the ongoing support for the many endangered animals in Africa. If ever there was a worthy cause, this is definitely one of them.

Downtown Ramen Asian Restaurant, Cape Town

If you are a fanatic for noodles you need to visit, Downtown Ramen. What is so unique about this eating place is that it only has two dishes, “Ramen and Boa”. These two dishes blend flavour and colour to produce a meal that food lovers can’t resist. The menu here is not the only thing that is unique, but it is also situated inside “Lefty’s” bar and restaurant. And to reach it you need to navigate a narrow staircase and pass by an arcade machine.

Reverie Social Table, Cape Town

What makes this restaurant unique? At the Reverie Social Table you will only find one table. This lends itself to the idea of wonderful communication and conversation amongst the diners. The chef generates her menu from scratch every day and you can enjoy a five course meal and a choice of wines.

Secret Eats, Unique Underground Eating Experience, Cape Town

Cape Town hosts a unique eating experience called, Secret Eats. You have to register whether you would like to eat, cook or host.  So I chose to eat. It was not long after my registration that I received my invitation and promptly sent my RSVP. I had no idea of the menu or location for my evening out. I later found out that the menu and location change with each new event. It was early in the morning of the day of my experience that I received my first clue. I was to arrive at a selected place in Observatory and was provided with a secret password. We were taken to a home nearby that had been renovated from being a textile factory and warehouse. On our arrival we were welcomed and handed a cocktail. Then we were shown to our seats and only then did we see the menu for that night. During the serving of each course we were allowed to taste delicious wines. If you are an adventurous type then this unique eating out experience is for you.

The Cape Town CBD is not lacking in accommodation for the visitor. It has countless hotels, guest houses, furnished apartments and town lodges for your convenience. This is the beauty of all these different eating places above, they can all be found in the Cape Town CBD area.

A Unique Marketing Challenge

While at the conference at the Kingston Business School, wee discussed various different business types and business models and which forms of marketing strategies suited each best. Marketing strategies and campaigns obviously vary from one type of business to the next. A local electrician in a specific area might benefit from Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords as well as offline methods including small advertisements placed in local newspapers. On the other hand an engineering firm that manufactures a specific type of mechanism used by mechanical engineers will certainly not benefit as much from advertising on Social Media and in the local tabloid. We used the example of a “Sober Living House” in one of our sessions to really get the juices flowing as to what the best means of marketing this type of establishment would be. First we needed to look at the client and examine their business model to ascertain what kind of client they were trying to attract.

Addiction can have a far reaching affect, family members and friends will also have to deal with the problem. The ones that are most involved and have to deal with the issues; are the close family members. The addiction and problems it causes can separate families who were once very close to each other due to, a lack of communication or sometimes embarrassment from the family member towards the one suffering from the addiction. Both the addict and family members start to avoid each other and situations which could cause confrontation or embarrassment. This can result in isolation from a lot of normal activities and social gatherings. Having the family come together and provide support for each other is important to help everybody overcome the situation. Based on this information we reach the conclusion that in many cases it is best to market this kind of product directly to the family and friends of the addict (potential new Sober House client), rather than the client themselves. Generally these people are looking to help their family members or friends, whereas the potential client themselves in probably not looking for help nor in a sound state of mind. What exactly is a “Sober Living House” ? Well, it helps to know ones client’s business inside out before considering initiating any kind of marketing campaign for them. We used Scotswood Retreat, a home for sober living, Cape Town, as our example for this exercise.
Some general consequences of addiction among the family include:
Socially: Avoiding family and social activities, so as not to have to explain to others your situation. The family member might also want to avoid embarrassing situations with the person who has the addiction.
Emotionally: Sometime the person with an addiction might not come home at night and may do things they would not necessarily do if they were not addicted. Living with an addict can therefore be distressing and difficult. The situation can also have a further reaching impact on their work and social lives.
Psychologically: The person with the addiction may lie, steal and fight a lot because of the problems the addiction is causing. Communication is often broken in families with addiction, where lies are being told and trust is broken. Eventually the family member begins to think the worst all the time.
Physically: There is a lot of anxiety and stress involved with families and addiction and this can cause headaches, fatigue, lack of appetite to name a few.
Money issues: Families can experience money issues when trying to help their loved one with addiction, by helping with groceries and other necessities that are usually neglected, because the money goes into whatever addiction the person may have.
The role of the family to help and be involved in the process of recovery for the person with the addiction; is very important. The whole family must be involved in the treatment process so that a complete and successful recovery can take place. This description of the potential clients that would be referred to, or in need of a sober living environment, gives us great insides on who we should be targeting in our online marketing campaigns. The example sued in this exercise, Scotswood Retreat, has a detailed website on sober houses in Cape Town, where we can glean even further information to assist us with this exercise,
Here are a few things to help family members of addicts to cope:
Going to family therapy sessions may help to open up communication and to talk about what the various problems and issues are. Therapy might provide the tools necessary to help all family members including the member with the addiction.
Connect with groups of people, who are going through similar experiences, this can help break the feeling of isolation and aid in any personal problems they might have.
Learning and reading up about the addiction can help to give more confidence in the treatments provided and understanding of the actual problem. Education on the subject can also help family members see how it actually affects brain chemistry. This can help to avoid blame and to let go of any anger, so everybody can focus on the healing process.
To be aware of the time it takes for changes to occur in the family member with the addiction. There might be disappointments and feelings of discouragement, but don’t give up and try to focus on the recovery.
Family members of an addict should also take care of themselves, they also require a recovery time. Make sure to schedule family time and to participate in activities that would relieve stress and anxiety. Remember that addiction can only be effectively treated with everybody getting involved and staying positive.

All these facts lead us to the conclusion that, when marketing a business such as a “Sober Living House”, we are in fact 90% of the time, targeting their family and friends and not them directly, so our marketing campaigns and strategies need to be planned accordingly.

A Heartfelt Thank You !

The Chairs and Co-Chairs of ICCMI2015 offer their heartfelt thanks to the delegates and the authors of papers presented at the conference.

The conference was held on 30 June to 2 July at Kingston Business School, Kingston University London, in the UK.

87 papers were presented at the conference.  Authors and delegates came from the UK and Greece – the host and co-organising countries – as well as the USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Republic of Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Indonesia, Croatia, Norway.  We express our thanks and gratitude to the Scientific Committee members who ensured the quality of the papers.

We sincerely thank our keynote speakers: Clive Humby for his insights into the progress of marketing seen through the lens of social demographics to social media, and Professor Michael Baker for his views on the role of marketing for social good.  Our thanks also go to our two expert practitioners, Jon Puleston and Peter Mouncey, who shared with us their insights into cutting-edge professional practice in the areas of marketing research and marketing value measurement.

The Chairs are strongly committed to establish and develop the conference as an annual and international platform for presenting research about marketing, exchanging ideas, and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in marketing for the benefit of both academia and business.

The CFPs for the special issues of the journals related to ICCMI 2015 will be uploaded on the conference website soon.  Photos of the conference and gala dinner are also coming soon!