A Heartfelt Thank You !

The Chairs and Co-Chairs of ICCMI2015 offer their heartfelt thanks to the delegates and the authors of papers presented at the conference.

The conference was held on 30 June to 2 July at Kingston Business School, Kingston University London, in the UK.

87 papers were presented at the conference.  Authors and delegates came from the UK and Greece – the host and co-organising countries – as well as the USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovenia, Republic of Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Albania, Cyprus, Ghana, India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Indonesia, Croatia, Norway.  We express our thanks and gratitude to the Scientific Committee members who ensured the quality of the papers.

We sincerely thank our keynote speakers: Clive Humby for his insights into the progress of marketing seen through the lens of social demographics to social media, and Professor Michael Baker for his views on the role of marketing for social good.  Our thanks also go to our two expert practitioners, Jon Puleston and Peter Mouncey, who shared with us their insights into cutting-edge professional practice in the areas of marketing research and marketing value measurement.

The Chairs are strongly committed to establish and develop the conference as an annual and international platform for presenting research about marketing, exchanging ideas, and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in marketing for the benefit of both academia and business.

The CFPs for the special issues of the journals related to ICCMI 2015 will be uploaded on the conference website soon.  Photos of the conference and gala dinner are also coming soon!